Awarding Grants For More Than 25 Years...

Our foundation is dedicated to providing resources so that each student’s quality education continues and thrives in the years to come. To that end, teachers, administrators and student groups throughout the district are provided opportunities twice a year to submit grant requests for innovative programs to benefit their classroom, team of students or even their entire building. Grant proposals span a rich range of topics such as reading and literature, character education, photography, entrepreneurship, history, math, computer, foreign language, dance, art, music, science, community service, physical education, leadership and job skills.

Through November 2022, 567 grants totaling more than $1,784,000 have been awarded to benefit Manheim Townships students.


  • 238 STEM related grants providing new approaches to learning across science, technology, engineering, and math
  • 121 Peer-to-Peer grants focusing on mental health and wellness, relationship development and diversity training
  • 99 Artistic grants enriching students' cultural experiences through theater, choral clinics, and visiting artist and musician programs
  • 84 Leadership grants educating students on professional development, trade skills, advanced learning and college preparation
  • Twice each year, educators may submit grant requests for innovative programs to benefit students
  • Current grant deadlines: October 5, 2022 or April 5, 2023


General Grants

The Manheim Township Educational Foundation provides grants to district staff, school groups and students to support exciting and innovative ideas for projects that directly benefit students, enhance educational programs, and/or promote community involvement. Detailed guidelines and instructions are provided in the documents below.  

General Grant Guidelines

General Grant Application - Fillable Form

Grant Final Report - Fillable Form


Student Impact Grants

Launched in 2022, the Student Impact Fund aims to make the grant application process more accessible and to empower students to achieve their innovative ideas. Student impact grants may be submitted at any time during the school year. The Student Impact Fund is reserved for requests under $1,000. (Requests over $1,000 should be submitted through the general grant process, above). Like all MTEF projects, applications should highlight innovation and benefit more than one student. Grant applications require the signature of a teacher, who will manage funds awarded, as well as Principal Rilatt. 

Student Impact Grant Application - Fillable Form [STUDENTS ONLY]

Student Impact Grant Final Report - Fillable Form


MTEF Grants in Action

Grants In Action

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