For 25 Years...

Benefiting thousands of Manheim Township School District students with more than 457 grants and over $1 million in funding


  • 184 STEM related grants providing new approaches to learning across science, technology, engineering, and math
  • 94 Peer-to-Peer grants focusing on mental health and wellness, relationship development and diversity training
  • 82 Artistic grants enriching students' cultural experiences through theater, choral clinics, and visiting artist and musician programs
  • 55 Leadership grants educating students on professional development, trade skills, advanced learning and college preparation
  • Twice each year, educators may submit grant requests for innovative programs to benefit students
  • Current deadlines for 2018-2019 school year: October 10, 2018 and April 10, 2019

From literature, foreign language and character education, to math, music, science and leadership skills, grant proposals include a wide range of subjects that ultimately enhance the lives of Manheim Township School District students.

Grants In Action

See what MTEF can accomplish through support from donors like you!


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