Manheim Township Educational Foundation is a dynamic community organization dedicated to making the educational experience of all Manheim Township School District students exceptional.

Manheim Township Educational Foundation provides resources to educators, administrators and school-related groups for educational programs, preferably innovative, that benefit Manheim Township School District students.

Our goals are to:

  • Encourage educators to provide innovative programs that enrich the student’s learning experiences
  • Provide financial resources for enhancing academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities for all students
  • Create a sustainable process for resourcing grants, now and in the future
  • Grow resources for expansion of grant funded initiatives
  • Maintain a margin of excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics that prepares all students for future success

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Created to strengthen, enhance and enrich the educational experiences of the students and faculty of the Manheim Township School District (MTSD), the Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) was established in 1993. For  over 23 years, the Foundation’s focus has been helping educators deliver their creative ideas to students inside and outside the classroom. MTEF raises funds through tax-deductible contributions to promote innovative educational programs and supplement existing curriculum of MTSD.

MTEF is a resource for the community. It supports academic, artistic or athletic educational experiences that complement the normal curriculum or extracurricular activities of the school district. Manheim Township’s positive reputation for providing top-tier public education is enhanced by the annual contributions from MTEF.

The Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) is an independent, registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Board of Directors

Hannah Bartges

Ernest Schreiber
Vice President

Kate Norton

Steve Schramm

Julie Belser

Louise Brown

Joseph R. Deerin

Dr. Robin Felty - Ex officio

Mary Gingrich

Kelley Greiner

Mike Montgomery

Bill Murry 

Debby Niemi

Sandra Orndorff

Dana Panagopoulos

Rebecca Stamp

Michael Winters

Executive Director

Jenny Germann